Links broken in waiting room?

I have links to GAD7 and PHQ9 forms hosted by Hushmail in my Waiting Room box that are suddenly not working anymore from the patient end. They worked perfectly for the last few months until late last week, though I did not realize there was a problem until today. The links work properly by right clicking and opening a new tab with the link when I am editing/viewing from Dashboard. From the Patient’s experience of the Waiting Room the text reads the same, but the links are somehow scripted to the text name of the link (ex: “Behavioral Health Questionnaire Part 1” sends the user to a non-existent room - I’ve tried hyperlinking from new text in a new text box and had the same results. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi Phil. I asked around about this, and our developers just became aware of the problem today. It is not anything you are doing, and it’s not about the specific textbox, something has gone wrong with waiting room links. We’re trying to identify what caused it, and get it working correctly again. That’s all the info I have right now, but I will write you when I know more. Thanks for letting us know about it.

Thank you very much, Adam. I will be of great help to get this fixed. Best wishes!

How do you have patients use these links? I’d love to do this also. Do they fill them out and report the score to you?


I link to two behavioral health questionnaires hosted by Hushmail (web based forms). The links are in my “Welcome” text box where they are clearly visible to the patient upon entering the waiting room. I ask patients to complete both before each session. Patients then submit the forms and the results are sent to my Hushmail email account. I can them review the results prior to sessions and use the data with patients as needed.

Hi, Adam. Any updates you can share? Right now I simply have the hyperlinks pasted into my “Welcome” Box. It seems like the URL alone works, but attaching a target URL to a text string (link name) using the editing tools still results in an error message as noted in my original post. I hope this is helpful.

Hi again Phil. We will have a fix for this in place tomorrow morning. Thanks for your patience.