Links do not expire

We had a patient who did not have an appointment use the link from a past appointment to check in to a providers room. No one was looking for her; our MAs start the visit, pause it and then the provider gets on. Patient waited an hour as no one was watching for her name. She was very upset but again, no appointment that day!

We have around 35 rooms so setting daily passcodes is not sustainable for our practice. Our patient population is elderly and they already struggle to allow cameras and mics; the last thing we need is a passcode! Please set up a way for us to expire the link. It looks like other customers have also asked for this feature. We are a very busy practice seeing hundreds of patients/week.


I did not know about this female patient who waited an hour and I have very few female patients. I am not sure how to expire al ink to a patient that I do not know about. Terry Oleson

Hi @drtestct, if a patient checks in and doesn’t have an appointment one of your MA’s could use the text-based chat while they are in the virtual waiting room that they do not have an appointment. You could also edit your waiting room content with a link and information on how to schedule an appointment.

Hi @drtestct, we have a message at the top of our waiting rooms. This is what the see when they sign in:

If you do not have an appointment, you cannot be seen.

Having a message like this may alert the patient they may not be attended/seen if they do not have an appointment. We also have the clinic phone number on the next line to call the clinic if an appointment is needed.

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Thanks for this idea!