Log of SMS invitations

It would be great if Doxy.me stores a log of mobile phone invitations via SMS so that we can track back and reuse numbers if needed.
At the moment I only see a log of sessions

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I would prefer that no data is store on Doxy.me
This is the reason I chose Doxy.me, safe data.

Thanks Henry Eposito

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Thank you both for posting here on the discussion board!

It’s true, we do not like storing data here at Doxy.me. We prefer that type of patient data be stored in a place designed for permanent storage like an EHR.

To make it easier, you should be able to copy/paste information from an EHR into Doxy.me instead of typing it out each time.

Agreed and understand. Though it would be convenient, the less that is stored in Doxy.me the better for security.