Log out? Why is it hidden from us?

So…I’m in the Community Forum. How do I log out? It’s not under the drop down menu under my icon. It’s not under the hamburger. For security, if I’m logged in to a page, I always like to log out. Where is it and if it’s so hard to find, would you consider putting it in the usual place (under the icon in the top corner)?

Hey, you make a good point. At least in this forum, I usually just keep my account logged in, so I never actually went looking for it, but it IS a bit hidden: Click on the icon with your photo in the top right, where you see notifications, and then click on your name - there you will see the option to log out.

I’d love to remove that extra click and have it at the bottom of the notifications, unfortunately it’s not something we can edit because the coding for the forum is something we’ve licensed from a third party.

Thanks, Adam. I eventually found it, but weird, right?

I at least feel validated, even if it can’t be fixed.

(Maybe share the feedback upstream?)

I still could not find it. :frowning:

Ahhh. finally found it. Click on your icon in upper right corner/ notifications/ then icon again/ then my name/ then log out. :slight_smile: