Login and Profile picture taken

After you log onto the website Doxy.me, a photo of provider and patient will be taken without any advance notification. I want to make sure that everyone is aware of that. The photo is then used as your profile picture which the patient and provider will see when they log into the site.

It would be very helpful if Doxy.me telehealth platform advise everyone before login,
In an effort to avoid any unwanted profile pictures.

I appreciate your discussion and help.

Thank you.

Hi there,

Thank you so much for posting on our discussion board.

We are aware of this feature request and are continuing to make improvements to doxy.me. I really appreciate your feedback. We know this is something that is important to providers and patients.

I am not sure if you are aware but as a provider, you can set a profile picture so that it does not take a snap shot of you when you check in. We use Gravatar for our providers to set a profile picture in their waiting room.

I hope this helps, have a fantastic week!

-Paige Treadway

Thank you Paige for your message and for the great service. The thing that makes me feel unsure about the picture, is the legal issue of taking a picture without any advice. It would be very appreciated if Doxy.me could pop up a message before the patients enter their name to check in. I think is something simple and safe. I appreciate your help and support. Thank you.

I would like to concur that it would be much better if doxy alerts us to the picture being taken rather than simply take it. That picture is also what ends up popping up when the connection is poor.
While Gravatar is an option, it is annoying to have to create another account and give out our email & information to another service for which I frankly have no use and no interest in, simply to get a picture onto Doxy. It would be nice, at least for paid accounts, to have an option to just upload a photo directly.

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DOXY: I am in a state of disbelief as I read that Doxy is taking a photo of my patient.

I must be misunderstanding what I read. This cannot be.

Please clarify.

Once the patient click on the link to check in and enter to the waiting room, that precise moment when the person type the name and click enter, a picture of that person is taken and used as a temporary profile picture. My request is to advertise that person before that picture is taken.

The photo is never seen by anyone but the provider. We don’t see it, we don’t store it, it only exists for the patient and provider on that call.

This is so the provider can verify the identity of the patient if they have any doubts about who is on the other end of the call they are about to initiate.

The fact that we do this could be communicated more clearly, and we will start doing that once we can implement an improvement. Our designers and developers are aware of it. But privacy concerns raised by providers who couldn’t know for sure who was on the other end were among the reasons we began doing this in the first place.

Thank you for your response.

Clínica ERAS

Just to be clear, if I am seeing my Gravatar pic in the upper right corner at this moment, then that is the image my clients see as a profile pic when we are on a call?
I also find it disturbing that photos are taken without anyone knowing that it is happening, or when it is happening. Sometimes it is odd and distracting, like when a photo was taken of my client just as he tipped his head back, and I was looking at a photo of a neck-- not a face --during the whole session. Clients should know a profile pic is taken, when it is taken, and that it is temporary.

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I would appreciate a 3-5 second countdown timer for patient and clinician when photos are taken. This is both to get ready for camera and for disclosure. Perhaps there could be a “Retake” button. I just started using the Gravatar for me, but I am uneasy (and certain) that patients are unaware the photo is taken.

Adam: this reason makes sense. However, the photo of the person who signed into waiting room is tiny. How can I enlarge it before admitting that person to my virtual office? Thank you