Looking for a telepsych provider in Alabama

I have a housebound relative who needs psych services. I thought a member of this community might know of a provider I could reach out to.


Thank you for posting on our discussion board! I think this is a great topic to post here. I hope someone is able to help.

On a related note, the Doxy.me Company is looking for providers to partner with that are also accepting new patients/clients (this would be to serve the doxy.me team specifically). In that regard I started a new category called “Referrals by State” and placed this post into that category. Perhaps together we can get some more traction on this topic!

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Hi Dylan,

I’m sure this has been answered before so my apologies for asking! Can I see a couple simultaneously in separate location?

Also, I am a provider in California with some openings to see clients. Is there a link to the section you mentioned regarding geographical aspect?

I’m new on Doxy and I appreciate your assistance!

Nancy Ellner,LCSW

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Hi Nancy,
Yes, I have seen two individuals in a couple in separate locations simultaneously on doxy. When they log into the waiting room they appear in your cue. You can click to ad multiple individuals to a call. I am not sure what the limit on the number of participants is at the minute with doxy.me right now, but you can do a three-party call for sure. I hope this helps!

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Hi Dylan,

I hope I am posting in the appropriate category.

You mentioned Doxy’s interest in partnering with providers to serve the doxy.me team. I am currently accepting new telemedicine clients to work with via the Doxy.me system and I am interested in working with the company.

I am an extensively trained psychotherapist with 20+ years of experience working with a range of clients struggling with a variety of mental health challenges.
I am an LCSW licensed in California with a masters degree in clinical social work/psychology from New York University.

Some of my specialties are depression, anxiety, relationships, stress management, work/life balance, GLBTQ issues, chronic illness, grief,and major life transitions.

More information on my practice can be found here:


Thank-you for your interest!

Thanks, Dr. Lauren - you’re right. We have group calling up to 5 available now. We are also beta-testing up to 10 people in a call. Ping us at support@doxy.me if anyone’s interested in trying it.

I’ve gone ahead and responded here: Trained Psychotherapist in California (not sure if it’s tells you or not otherwise)