Lost audio/visual on client side with new Mac upgrade

Hi there, has anyone run into this problem. My clients can no longer see or hear me - they can see the chat window. I can see and hear them. This problem started after I upgraded to Big Sur on my MacBook Pro.

Anyone know a fix?


Hi! I don’t know the fix, but I’m having the same problem! So frustrating! I didn’t even upgrade my Mac, but it started happening last week. Have you figured anything out?

Yes, just got the fix actually. My Chrome wasn’t updated. So once I did that my tester reported being able to see and hear me. Now my tester doesn’t have a webcam so I couldn’t see him.

I’ll be trying it later with a client - fingers crossed :slight_smile:

My client could hear my voice, but I could not hear my client on my iPad. I can hear some high pitch noise when my client talked, but it was incomprehensible. When I used a desk top computer, I was able to hear my client clearly.

Same here, iPad user. Platform is now virtually unusable for the past two days, worst it’s been in two years. Similar but not identical problem to ayakawasaki: Client can hear my voice, but I can’t hear client on iPad OR audio is garbled-- for me, voice sounds slowed down, like a 45 RPM vinyl record running at 33 1/3.

Yesterday, I was two for four sessions, video was usable but had to establish separate connection by phone for audio. Today I’m 0 for 1 so far, video was not even usable, and the platform kept throwing me off, not allowing me to connect or not allowing my client to connect.

I am just curious… I use the free version of Doxy. Are paid users experiencing the same problem?

Thanks so much for any feedback.

I am having sound problems on all my devices. I have the paid version of Doxy. I may have to change Telehealth providers if this continues as it is compromising my sessions.

Thank you, maryjane. Here’s what I’ve figured out so far from troubleshooting: The low-pitched audio distortion occurs only on the iPad, and when it occurs once, there is no solving it-- you can refresh your browser four times, your client can do the same thing, and no joy. However, this particular issue it is not consistent at all. I might have it with two clients in the morning, but my afternoon clients are fine, or vice versa. I tested the iPad with a colleague abroad who has crazy fast internet speed, and still had the problem.

When the audio is unusable on the iPad, I tried switching to my Macbook Air M1, and so far, the Macbook Air has no problems in this particular situation. So, I thought I’d try using the Macbook Air for video for all my appointments-- but for at least one client, this was unsuccessful, I could not establish a connection with the Air. However, when the Air won’t work, the iPad seems to have no problem, though I need to do more testing with the Air to be sure this wasn’t a one-off issue.