Lots of dropped calls the last few days

Anyone else experiencing lots of dropped calls the past couple of days? I don’t even know who to call.

Wendy Radding

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I have had more unusual events affecting connectivity this week on the platform, including 3 dropped calls. I had’t experienced that in my previous several years on the platform. Is there something going on with updates?

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Yes, Multiple botched calls where people couldn’t connect, or the microphone didn’t work, or call suddenly dropped Seemed to be mostly on mac devices. Very distracting and interfered with care Very frustrating

Lots of connectivity problems this week. Multiple times a day GEtting prompt that it is an internal server issue but when I follow the prompt, the message is that there is no issue at the time.

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Yes! The “Internal server error” did appear in our clinic a lot when calls were dropping, and we contacted support and basically was told that’s an umbrella error message, it could be various reasons for it, and in our case might have been the internet connection/network issues (ours or client’s). I think a more issue specific error message would be appropriate if that’s what caused the drop. At least we know to check our connection, and to also know what to tell the client to do differently. I will chat support asking for that, and I suggest everyone seeing that “internal server issue” when the Doxy status page doesn’t indicate an error to chat them and ask for a problem specific error message to be shown instead of that, if the issue is not an actual Doxy server issue.