Low Sound in the beginning of call

In the last couple of weeks, clients have complained that they have difficulty hearing me when we start the session. They will identify that they have the sound all the way up to start. At some point in the session the sound will go to normal level and they have to turn their sound down. Today’s session did not improve until almost the end of the session. It has not been a problem until recently.

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I have had the same issue over the past few weeks, but only with Apple products, even if they are using Chrome.

Thanks for the post, @bonniekellogg! We looked into your call this morning that happened around the time of the post and it looks like the speeds on your side of the call were lower than we would like to see for a successful call. This factor could have contributed to the audio issues you’re experiencing. Do you have some other dates and times over the last couple of weeks where you experienced poor audio quality that we can look into to try to determine if this is the cause?

You can also measure your internet speed here. We recommend at least 300 - 400 kbps, but 2 mbps or higher is best. There are a few things you can do to improve your internet speed as well which are reviewed in this article.

I have had this issue twice, but both times with the same client, so maybe their speeds aren’t up to scratch.

I had low volume (on my end, i.e., the client’s voice was low) at the start of a call just yesterday (11:30 am Friday June 18); I never had this problem with this client before. We logged out and restarted and it worked fine.

Today my sound was much better, but in the 2 calls I had the whole page shut down. With one it came back up, but with the other I had to start the page again. I have never had that happen before. Professionally it is very frustrating to have both the sound and page shut down happen. I am depending on this service to enable me to complete an uninterrupted session.

It is months later from my previous post and I am getting the same complaint from my clients. They report that it is very difficult to hear me in the beginning of the session. I have recently tried using Chrome, versus Safari - and finding I am having to go back to Safari. I have had no sound or no picture or it will freeze in the middle of the session. I have had to restart doxy.me and the client has to sign out and then sign back in. I don’t use it as much as many others and for the price, I feel it is not worth the money. I have even had to switch to using FaceTime due to the poor video quality with my client.

Just got this from Doxy email (I have the same problems with patients on iPhone)…

Safari 15: Low Audio During Calls

An update has been posted

In a continuing effort to mitigate the low audio bug, we have found that following these steps helps resolve the issue during a call.

When the patient says audio is low:

  1. Copy this link and put it in your chat box: https://ccrma.stanford.edu/~jos/mp3/pno-cs.mp3
  2. Ask the patient to click the link. When they click it they will hear a piano sound AND the volume will increase.
  3. Ask them to close that tab and go back to the tab with doxy.me in it.
  4. If the camera stops (this may happen occasionally) ask them to simply turn the camera off and on again to bring back the video.
  5. The audio level should be back to normal now.
    Time posted
    Jan 11, 17:32 EST

Getting “old” and having to shift calls to Zoom or Facetime, despite those platform shortcomings. Please update us as this work-around is quite laborious for patients who are already technically challenged! :scream:

Just got this from Doxy. With iOS 15.2 the known bug will be fixed! Can’t come fast enough! Have been switching patients to Zoom with nearly every iPhone/iPad call! Ugh!