Low volume sound during call

I have very low volume sound when listening to patients from my speakers during a video call. I have the speakers set to 80% on the speaker volume control and 80% to 100% in Windows volume control. During other computer activities, listening to music, playing games, I have the Windows volume control set to 15% to 20%. I am using doxy.me in Chrome on Windows 10 with Realtek audio and a pair of Bose desktop speakers. The low sound volume only occurs with Doxy.me.

Is your patient speaking clearly into a very close-by and properly functioning microphone? Have you or they taken any troubleshooting steps to verify this?

I happens with all my patients with the exception of a few who are using professional level video conferencing systems, folks who did online teaching and the like before the COVID.

I have overcome this issue by always using my earbuds during sessions with clients. I have no trouble hearing at the lower sound levels this way. It is also effective, given that I am not alone in my home, at muting my client’s voice so it cannot be heard by anyone happening to walk through the rooms next door. My voice can, of course, be heard, but then it’s only a one way conversation. Hope this helps for you as well!

I also prefer using earbuds during sessions - it definitely gives a clearer sound and I can pick up nuances in voice quality without much effort. The earbuds also assists me to not be distracted easily.

So you were having an audio problem prior to using the earbuds?

I’ve only been practicing with family members, but they often complain that they cannot hear me well on their iPhone speaker. The last time I tried starting as audio call then turned on camera after connection and I could be heard. I’ll try blue-tooth headphones next time before giving up on this platform.