macOS Big Sur Audio Issue

There is an audio problem since upgrade to macOS Big Sur 11.0.1. The incoming audio is extremely distorted at the beginning of the call. 2-3 end calls and log-ins seems to clear the problem after 1-2 minutes.

I have not found another workaround as of yet, and it was very disruptive to my sessions today. Hopefully there will be a quick fix?

My bad for being first on my block with upgrading operating systems.
2018 Macbook Pro
Big Sur 11.0.1 Operating System
Safari 14.0.1

Randall Davis

Have you had any luck with this? Is it Safari that you are using? Try Firefox. I’m still on Catalina and all of a sudden today, the patient’s audio is very crackly when I connect via Safari. I ended up changing over to Firefox browser and the sound is fine. So I think it is a Safari thing? Is anyone else having this issue?

2020 iMac
Safari 14.0.1


I did get an answer from Gwen with Doxy, that it is an issue with Safari 14.0.1, they are aware of it and are investigating it. They responded to me yesterday, which is impressive on a Sunday!
I did have a session on Saturday which went without a hitch. I’m hoping my login in 10 minutes goes well!

I have been having the same issue with Safari. I tried Google Chrome based on this thread and I did NOT have the same sound issue, FYI!

I had the same problem with Big Sur on my iMac and Safari. I called Doxy support and they recommended using Chrome till Safari gets a tweak. Chrome is working really fine. Marcia