Macros for Chat

When a patient logs into my waiting room I find myself, ASAP, opening up the chat box and typing, “getting to your chart” or “currently on a call with another patient” or “5 minutes more” and a host of other things that would be so much easier if there were macros we could just click on. Macros that you (DOXY) or we made. Thoughts @Dylan or @patthompson? Sorry to call you out just see you answering a lot of these future feature questions :face_with_monocle:

@DrTaras great feedback, thank you. We actually do have something like this planned out. But even better :slight_smile: We will start posting roadmaps and such soon.

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:facepunch: strong work! :pray:

Yes -great idea. Also tech issue questions like:
Can you see/hear me
I cant hear you - turn on microphone
I can’t see you - turn on your camera
Please log-off and on
Please move to better Wifi location, etc…
I will call you on your phone, do you have landline #?

Prepackaged from DOXY and ability to customize/add would be great!

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