Macros for Chat

When a patient logs into my waiting room I find myself, ASAP, opening up the chat box and typing, “getting to your chart” or “currently on a call with another patient” or “5 minutes more” and a host of other things that would be so much easier if there were macros we could just click on. Macros that you (DOXY) or we made. Thoughts @Dylan or @patthompson? Sorry to call you out just see you answering a lot of these future feature questions :face_with_monocle:

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@DrTaras great feedback, thank you. We actually do have something like this planned out. But even better :slight_smile: We will start posting roadmaps and such soon.

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:facepunch: strong work! :pray:

Yes -great idea. Also tech issue questions like:
Can you see/hear me
I cant hear you - turn on microphone
I can’t see you - turn on your camera
Please log-off and on
Please move to better Wifi location, etc…
I will call you on your phone, do you have landline #?

Prepackaged from DOXY and ability to customize/add would be great!

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Any update on this?

Please let me know as I am a new user and find this to be an excellent suggestion.

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Indeed, still 8 months later, every patient who checks in gets a confirmatory, “getting to your chart” when I actually am getting to their chart and every time I do I think it would be great to have that as a macro.

Its almost as if someone who came into your office getting a “hello, we’ll be right with you.” Without that communication, it would be like someone stepping into your office and nobody acknowledging them; even worse because at least in an office you can see you’re in the right place and that someone is “home.” Anyway, it would be great to have “getting to your chart” as a macro.

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@DrTaras, I’m glad you pinged us again on this topic. I’m the new product manager for the team dedicated to improving the provider experience on This includes features that impact functionality and workflows just like the one you are mentioning. Another team is focused on improving the in-call experience, another on clinic experience, etc.

As you might imagine, April, May… were pretty busy months focused largely on sustaining growth and improving call quality. Those efforts continue, but as I mentioned, our team is specifically geared toward these types of features. I’ll personally be carrying this forward and working to determine when we might be able to put this on our roadmap.

I love having the examples you and Dr. Selle both shared. Other suggestions are welcome from you or any others viewing this thread. Stay tuned.

BTW - I was about to suggest that you could use your waiting room to communicate this “getting your chart…be right with you” message to your patients. Then I took a look and you’re already doing a great job at that. And I can appreciate the personal touch benefit of doing it in chat as well. No doubt you have an excellent bedside manner.

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pinging again :flushed: