Major screenshare issues

When I use the screenshare option I have two major issues. I am unable to see the patient on the screen. They can see me in a box, themselves in a box, as well as the screen I’m trying to share in a separate larger box. I would like to see the patient and make eye contact as we are conversing but that is not possible when I screenshare. I only see the window I have open and the browser with doxy goes behind it. The other issue is when I select certain windows (PowerPoint vs. Windows vs. Safari), the patients state that they can still see ALL of my screen. I need to screenshare for the purpose of showing them their labs, PowerPoint for education, and to share the written treatment plan. Sorry to compare, but this is not the case with zoom.

Hi Dr. Boor,

You can use the picture-in-picture tool to open a pop-up window with your client’s video feed while you screen share.

Thank you for sharing that feedback about sharing windows and what you would like to see there. I’ve passed on your feedback to the team who oversees this feature.

I hope this is helpful.

Dr. Z