Meeting History improvements

I would like to see more information in the Meeting History, and would like to be able to download a CSV file for further analysis.

In the Meeting History, it currently shows the following:
Date, Start Time, End Time and Duration.

I would like the following added for each call:
Device Type, OS, Browser, Signal Strength (if available), # of Call Quality Stars (user entered) and Additional Details about Call Quality (user entered).

I think this would be very valuable information for clients who are trying to track the quality, and make recommendations for their patients.

If we could track this information, we could learn if quality is truly affected by the time of day, or by the device. We could select the number of stars for each call, and add notes about problems (clicking sound detected, choppy video, 2015 Android phone, etc). With enough data, we could really start advising our patients better.

We would really want the ability to download this information in a csv file, so we could perform an analysis on it. (average iPhone session: 4.3 stars; average Android session 3.7 stars)

Doxy would benefit as well, as more users would use the call feedback feature if we could read it later.


This is great feedback, thank you. We are working on our roadmap now and have ideas like this on it. We will communicate updates here as we have them.

Are there any updates on this? It would be great to have more information on the connection details of our providers.

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Hi all, we are starting our initial work on this topic now. I will post updates in the coming weeks as we make progress. And perhaps we’ll reach out if we have some questions.

Any progress with this? I need to download several months of meeting history for about 15 providers, and it would be great to do it as a CSV instead of page by page!

Hi @dave351,

This week we’re releasing Analytics which will show up on the left sidebar. The next step which our developers are working on right now is the ability to export the meeting history by room and date range.

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Just wanted to follow-up on the progress of this as well. This seems to be a long desired feature.

Hi Derek,

Unfortunately, our team ran into some challenges with export but we’re still working on it. Our goal is to have it done by the end of the year. For more tech-savvy folks we do offer a meeting history API that lets you download it. Do You Provide an API to Integrate with Custom Apps? | Help Center