Meeting history

Sometimes I can see the meeting history,and sometimes it doesn’t show up–can you tle me how to find the meeting history list when it doesn’t show up.
I don’t have a clinic account.

From the dashboard, click “Meeting History” in the left menu.

Thank you–what is weird, is that that “meeting history” doesn’t show up consistently. And when it is not there, I can’t figure out how to bring it up!
I logout and login again-and it doesn’t show up, and then for some reason, it appears…
maybe it is just me…
BUt if anyone knows where it goes when it is not there, and how to find it,…that would be great!

I keep having the same problem

We’re having the same problem. Any idea how to resolve this so the item is always in the side bar? This is for a clinic account.

Oh small screens we don’t show all the same functionality as we do on bigger screens. But I feel like we can add this. I will make a ticket for us to implement that.

How are the legal issues handled here at ??

Hi Dylan, I have posted multiple questions as a new starter with the Clinic plan regarding retrieving audios from visits?, how to process consents? What are the legal bindings on using ?
pls see how you can help us.

Do you need a Consent any time you see a patient for all encounters? thxs

I am on a macbook pro and the meeting history section on the left of my screen shows up intermittently–I cannot figure out how it magially appears or disappears. currently, I cannot bring it up–and am wondering if you can tell me where or how I can do this–this is not a clinic account, single provider account.
thank you