Mic Not Picking Up Audio

Yesterday and today I cannot get microphone to work in Doxy.Me and my client’s cannot hear me.

Verified with Precall the problem is on my end – I am using Chrome and have the most up to date browser, I’ve checked all permission, made sure correct devices are selected, and restarted several times but the pre-call test still cannot get microphone to work. Video connection is fine, computer even registers when opening the page and says that “Google Chrome is using your microphone”.

I’ve check in other applications like Google Meet and microphone works there, just not on Doxy. Me

Anyone else experiencing this or ideas how to fix?


Just in case anyone else has this problem-

Was finally able to discover that it was not a Chrome issues on my end but a Windows 10 issues.

Microsoft Windows Updates are supposedly known for affecting the microphone and other device functioning and it was the culprit of my shenanigans.

To fix - you have to go into the Windows settings for sounds and edit device properties for microphone. Not sure why only affected Doxy.Me but here is the article that helped me reset microphone properties and even increased mic volume. Article is from 2018 but still fixed my problems.


how did you fix it your comment ended at to fix thanks

thank you appreciate the information

I have also found the when the microphone stops working is a problem with any browser I am using. When I close the browser out entirely and then reopen it and restart Doxy me it often resolves the problem.

I also had this problem today. The mic was on according to my screen but my client could not hear me and said that her screen showed my nic as muted. I only use doxyme for a couple of clients and last week it didn’t work at all. Just a blank white screen. Very frustrating