Microphone is not working

Hi- my clients can’t hear me, and checked all my microphone settings and know that they’re in order. I’ve also done some of the things recommended in your help center, but the microphone with this app still isn’t working. Can someone from technical support call me (A human, please) and maybe take over my dashboard so they can discover what’s going on?? I’d really appreciate it!

I’m having the exact same problem as “rkconnections” has. Can someone please help!

What kind of microphone are you both using?

Adam, When responding to a question like this you should probably assume it is the default speaker/microphone in the person’s computer. I would suggest that you can still ask the question of “what kind of microphone are you using” but then follow-up with “if by chance you are using the default microphone then you should do the following…” You should assume that the vast majority of your customers know little or nothing about technology.

If I’m assuming they know nothing about subject, then hitting them with a bunch of info that might not even be relevant to them seems like a good way to lose them.

I could pile in tons of info, and hope they have the patience to read it all and find the bits that are relevant to them, or I can ask and then give them the bits I thus know are relevant to them.

If I took your approach, I might as well respond to every single help-seeking post on this forum with a generic link to our help center. It’s not very likely to lead to results, though. The person who started the post already said she checked out our help center and thus has followed any advice I might give according to your school of thought.

Hi - my microphone is the inbuilt one in the computer- output microphone is speakers/ headphones (Realtek), and output is microphone (Realtek Audio)

My mike actually started working again- No idea what I did- but having discussed it with the tech team who have been responsive to me via the dashboard and on email, I think I may need higher broadband. Does that make sense?

Also, my operating system is Windows Edge

There are a whole lot of things that could cause problems like this. If that’s what the support people in the platform recommended, then I guess that is a good start. Could also be issues with permissions, restarting the computer would usually help resolve that.

Glad it’s working now, in any case. :slight_smile:

Yes ty- I think I have to call my ISP for the broadband. I did turn the computer off and on, and I updated the drivers…whatever I could do and whatever the help center suggested.