Microphone issue with dragon and doxy

Having issues with concurrent use of dragon dictation and Doxy. When I use both Dragon and Doxy, sometimes my patients will suddenly stop hearing me even though I’m not muted and the mic says it’s on. Does anyone else have this problem or know a solution?

We had issues with doxy and dragon as well, our issue was a bit different though. Our providers no longer had an option for the dragon mic when the webcam was plugged in (these providers use a desktop in the clinic, not a laptop). The providers who use the dragon mobile mic have no issues. To further complicate issue we also use Citrix so the network guys needed to figure out the proper configuration. Sorry I don’t have more to offer.

You need to make sure that you put Dragon to “sleep” or turn off the Dragon microphone before you start talking to the patient. It’s Dragon working the in the background with the mic “on” that’s sending commands to Doxy which is wrecking havoc.

Ask me how I know!