Microphone issues

I have been testing this out before we roll out on Monday. Anyone have suggestions or issues about the microphone? Seems to intermittently work

I have had problems at both ends, even when both microphones are shown as enabled. Sometimes, mid conversation, one mic goes off, particularly after a file transfer.

I have had the same issue multiple times. When I try to electronically submit a prescription, the sound cuts out.

I would buy the paid service in a heartbeat but microphone problem is a deal breaker for me. It has been frustrating and today I used the back up program half the time.

This continues to be the Achilles heel of Doxy.me. I want this portal to succeed but Doxy,me can’t seem to tackle this issue. I have to go to my backup portal two to three times per day, lose precious time and overall seem less professional to my patients due to this pervasive glitch. I’m close to leaving … hoping for a miracle from the tech folk at Doxy.me.