Microsoft Edge browser support

Hey Everyone,

For those that may not be aware, Microsoft Edge now utilizes the Chromium engine in their browser, and that is something we can support. This means that all devices running Windows 10 won’t need a separate browser installed (such as Firefox or Chrome) to use

We’re always working to remove barriers in telemedicine, and now providers as well as patients can simply use the default Edge browser to engage in a video session. At this time, Edge 79 is a stable release build, and will be replacing the old Edge browser automatically in the coming months. You may also download it directly here.

Using Edge will be the same as other supported browsers, and upon signing into your Dashboard or entering a waiting room, you’ll simply need to allow access to the camera & mic.

Hi Max,

Just the other day we had one of our offices attempt a group call using Chromium-based Edge (which is our preferred browser) and ran into a “firewall issue” at 5 participants. Apparently when they switched to Chrome, they didn’t experience the issue. Can you think of why that may have occurred? I have not tried to reproduce the issue yet, but it was the same location that attempted both Edge and Chrome, so I think our ports are set ok for basic whitelist stuff.

Hi Anthony,

Has this occurred recently? I believe your providers were possibly referring to an error message received during the call, with the likely issue being an unstable network connection at that time. We have made changes to how group calls are handled, and they should be utilizing less bandwidth overall in order to keep the network requirements as low as we can. There are some additional steps we can take to help stabilize a call for all participants.

Thanks for the follow up, Max. I did see the announcement you guys made some structural changes to how bandwidth is allocated. I’ll review the info you referenced and let you know if we run into any further issues. I haven’t
received any further complaints, so let’s hope we are good!


Anthony Brown MBA, PMI-ACP

Director of Digital Guest Experience, KHN CFI

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