Minor nit: sending invitation via text doesn't give feedback right away

When you invite someone via text message, you don’t get any feedback that you’ve clicked the button. I don’t know whether patients are getting 2-3 invitations when I click on it again (or again and again)…

Hi when you send a text there should be a loading animation within the button, then a check icon that it was successful and finally it will close out the invite.

What device (mobile, computer, laptop) and what web browser are you using?

Actually, if you look really closely the background color shifts from dark navy blue to slightly lighter navy blue, and then a dark navy blue color change does go across the button. This is visible on the version on Chrome on both Mac and PC. On Safari on the iPhone the color change is really too subtle to see.

Also, an even more minor nit is that after you type the phone number you have to take your hands off the keyboard and click with the mouse since the key doesn’t actually press the button. This should be easy to fix when you go in there to change the colors so it’s obvious that something has happened when you click.

And, yes, I was a user interface designer in a previous life, among my many hats as a software developer.

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Thanks for this feedback. It helps validate some of the minor improvements we are planning on making in an upcoming Sprint. If I am reading your preference correctly, you would like it to:

  1. Open with the cursor already in the phone field.
  2. Allow you to type the number, and then simply hit “Return/Enter” to send.

I’m curious, if you were to edit the message before sending, how would you prefer to use your keyboard or mouse to accomplish that task?

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Yes, I would like to start in the phone field, and ‘enter’ would trigger the send. I use the tab key whenever it works to advance to another field, so that would be ideal for editing the text. And, yes, I have been able to edit the invitation. I’ve even used it not as an invitation but as a warning to the patient if I know, say, an hour earlier, that I will be late for our appointment.

Great. Thanks for that feedback. Regarding the message of being late, we’ve heard of other providers doing that same thing when we beta tested this feature as well. Sounds like it might be a common use case. I’m glad it’s been useful to you! We’ll be addressing those other UI changes in the near future.

BTW, it appears that the phone number field is now selected for typing when you bring up the ‘invite via text message’ widget but doesn’t “click” the “Send Message” button in that field.

Also the “Send Message” button should change color as soon as it is clicked.