Mirror/video feed

Is there a way to flip the video of myself 180 degrees horizontally (so basically creating a mirror image)? I am having to write backwards for my handwriting clients. I think that it is possible and I just don’t know how to do it because it randomly starting doing this on a co workers video. Thank you so much for any advice to figure this out.

I have the same question…anyone figure out how to do this?

Thank you for commenting, @refinerydental. I’m sorry that we missed responding to this post initially. With doxy.me, while your self-preview (on the dashboard or the top right of the call) will show a mirror image to you, the patients should see you the proper direction without the mirroring effect.

As you can see from this screenshot below that is taken from the patient side of a call with myself, the preview shows the mirror image, but the actual call shows the “proper” image:

If this is not the behavior you’re seeing on your doxy.me calls, please write in to us via chat (in the bottom right of your dashboard) or via email (support@doxy.me) so we can help troubleshoot your issue.