Move Screen Images


Is there any way to move the screen where I show up on the video call and where the patient shows up? Since they are so far apart on my computer, if I look away from the camera to look at them or myself, it is very obvious. I would like it to look like when I am on the phone. Is there any way to reorganize the layouts of the two videos?



I would also like to be able to move my mirrored image around on the screen. Sometimes I end up on top of the client when I am screen sharing.

hopelife- you might appreciate the feature of turning you mirrored image off. Just click on your mirrored image. This could be a good solution for you.


Speaking of screen images, I understood that in the new/beta version the thumbnails wouldn’t be switching to whoever was talking. Instead all the pictures would stay the same size. I’m still getting the switching and it’s not reliable. Additionally, remote users find that they either can’t see each other or can see each other, but not me. Did they decide to keep the switching as part of the new platform?