Move the Thumbnail Please

Would love to be able to move the thumbnail of me while in an active session.

Sometimes when working with multiple family members, they all try to squeeze into the frame and my thumbnail covers someone.

Would be very helpful if I could move it around the screen out of the way for situations such as that.


Hi Trisha! Thanks for this suggestion. If I understand correctly, the family is all trying to squeeze into view because they are using one device. And your thumbnail is blocking the person whose face is in that upper right corner by your thumbnail.

If so, I completely understand. As a marriage and family therapist myself, I’ve held many telehealth calls with multiple family members. So I totally get why this would be important.

Thankfully, I have an immediate solution for you that should work. While you are on a call with them, simply hold down the Command key while also pressing the - key repeatedly (next to the number 0 on the keyboard). This will shrink the size of your thumbnail each time you press - key.

Note that is for a Macbook. For a PC, I believe it’s the Control key instead of the Command key.

Let us know if that solves your problem. Thanks for being part of the family!

Wow! Thank you so much for the tip.
That worked exactly as you said.

Would still love for to update that feature, but that helps a ton for now.


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