Moving patients to new rooms, putting them back in the waiting room to wait for a doc

Is there any plan to let a user move a patient from say, a waiting room to a staging room or to an exam room where the provider would see that the pt is ready?

Is there any plan to make it so that a receptionist who has done intake functions can “put the pt down” nicely back into whatever room they need to wait for the provider? Currently you just have to end the call. Which kicks them out, and loses the time that they have been checked in.

Dylan had replied to our previous post re: using the pause button which I wasn’t aware of before – if you hit pause after a call instead of end call, it will put the patient back in the shared waiting room instead of ending the call and kicking them out. That was a nice tip that I think can help. I’m not sure about moving patients into other rooms though.

On the Clinic plan you can set up a shared room that could achieve your goal. Check it out:

For a future version, would still like the ability to transfer patients to another room.

I understand there is a shared room, but if we have 4 doctors in that shared room, then there is additional communication outside of that has to happen to make sure all 4 doctors are picking up the correct patient.

In addition to having the current setup of shared rooms (which is helpful in many cases) , it would be easier to manage if people can “transfer” patients from one room to another room. This way there is far less chance of mixups with providers, less outside of communication required, and happier patients.



Another thought that I think is related to this is the notion of pausing a session. From what I can tell, the little green indicator in the Patient Queue turns yellow once a session has begun. However, the green indicator comes back when I provider pauses the session. This gives the perception to other providers in the pool that the patient is waiting to be seen, but there is no indicator they were paused by said provider. Am I missing something or is this something you could consider as an enhancement? Maybe a different color for paused or at minimum leave some artifact in the Patient Queue window indicating the previous provider’s room name so others can see it is a paused session.hold issue 3-26-20

Adding a related post to try and keep this together for any customer follow-ups:

Yes, patient tracking in general may be its own feature. But some kind of flagging/status system. Roomed – In Visit— Discharge , etc

Becomes unruly for large sites to have all in one shared room without ability to track status of patient. The larger the site, the harder it is to manage shared rooms. Would love to see shared rooms plus patient tracking and/or ability to transfer patient to another provider’s waiting room!