Moving to Vsee and considering terminating the paid version of

I am going to do a trial with Vsee. So far, pretty much every call has not had speed problems or quality issues. I like in terms of their interface and features, but the reliability is a huge issue. I’m not ready yet to cancel my pro subscription, but I am also thinking what is the point of having a pro subscription when there is no increase in quality or reliability of video. Vsee is more developed as a company, and I haven’t needed to use customer support, but so far I have not been happy with support as well. I am offering this feedback in the hope that will work, and to tell everyone on this service that there are other options.


Also Vsee, has a telemedicine consent. Haven’t read it yet, but it does have a button that says I consent. How hard would it be for to do that. Or to have a form that says, read this, initial here, and click button confirming consent?


I was able to create a “Terms of Service” document on that folks need to check acknowledging they have read it. The Terms of Service document is my Telehealth consent form. The “Terms of Service” document and check box is in my “waiting room” if you scroll down a little. This seems to work for me.
Good luck!
Linda M

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Using Chrome as your browser (& telling clients to do same) has helped immensely! Once my clients switched to Chrome, all was, & is,well.

Hi. Can you show how a client checks that they agree. I don’t see a way for clients to respond in writing