Muting not working?

Hi Doxy team, when I do a group session with multiple participants logging in, currently the mute function is not working. When hovering over the three dots of one of my clients’ image, there used to be the option of muting that person. Now, when hovering over the dots, nothing happens, and no options to do anything appear. Is this a change in your set up, or a non-functioning item? I use the latest Chrome (103) on a Mac with OS 12.4, and it doesn’t matter which app the client uses. The dots don’t work with any of my clients. Hope you can fix this. Thanks!

Hi @titiamartin thank you for posting, and I’m sorry for the trouble. We were able to verify this problem and a fix is being implemented. We expect it to be fixed on July 12th. We are seeing if there is a workaround that I can offer you in the meantime. I will follow up here with what I find out.

Yes, here is the work around in the meantime:

  • Exit Gallery View
  • Use the Mute option again
  • return to Gallery View

Give it a try and let me know if that works in the meantime.