My clients can't hear me

my clients can’t hear me I and them have done all pretest and when it is time for call they can’t hear me

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Thank you for posting, @ruchi. Try the steps beyond the pre-call test in this Help article first. If you’re still having trouble, please let me know the dates and times of some of those calls so I can look into them.

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I started having this problem also last week. It has happened on every call since then. I have checked all settings (Doxy and Win 10). My microphone works fine, I have cleared and reset permissions for Doxy. When I am on the call, 3 green bars show up on my video but they don’t move up and down. Pre-call test prompts me to permit access, but the replay button greys out when I hit it and nothing more happens. Doxy is the only site on which I am having microphone problems.

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Time 9am date 10/26 . Client could not hear me at all .it only happened with

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Time 9am date 10/26 . Client could not hear me at all .it only happened with

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Hello, this is also happening to me for every call recently. Please check into this. My clients are not pleased with my service because of it and find it very annoying and stops the therapeutic process.

Yep. Me too. They can barely hear even with vol all the way up. I held a session from my iPhone today, and I had to have vol all the way up on my end too

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I am having the same trouble last week. Sometimes it resolved when we both sign out and sign in again. Other times I had to resort to using the phone to hear each other. Very annoying.

Happens all the time. Frequently as the connection if finalizing, the patient can see and hear me but I can’t see or hear them.

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My clients can’t hear me and I can’t hear them. What do I do

I have one client that can’t hear me when on her IPad and another since she updated her IPhone can barely hear me. And if they use Ipods, they can’t hear me at all. I do not have any other issues with anyone else.

Yep, this problem keeps happening. Does not matter if it is IOS or Android. I have the problem on both. Sometimes having the patient use headphones helps, but this is a hassle for patients who can’t find or connect their headphones or do not have them with them, etc. I wish Doxy would look into this more instead of blame Apple

Yes I’m having the same problem. It used to be only certain patients, but now almost all patients cannot hear me and doxy me is becoming unusable.


Just got this from Doxy email (I have the same problems with patients on iPhone)…

Safari 15: Low Audio During Calls

An update has been posted

In a continuing effort to mitigate the low audio bug, we have found that following these steps helps resolve the issue during a call.

When the patient says audio is low:

  1. Copy this link and put it in your chat box:
  2. Ask the patient to click the link. When they click it they will hear a piano sound AND the volume will increase.
  3. Ask them to close that tab and go back to the tab with in it.
  4. If the camera stops (this may happen occasionally) ask them to simply turn the camera off and on again to bring back the video.
  5. The audio level should be back to normal now.
    Time posted
    Jan 11, 17:32 EST

Please update us as this work-around is quite laborious for patients who are already technically challenged! Getting “old” and having to shift calls to Zoom or Facetime, despite those platform shortcomings. :rage:

Just got this from Doxy; Rejoice! With iOS 15.2 the low volume bug will be fixed! Have been switching patients to Zoom with nearly every iPhone/iPad call! Ugh!