My microphone volume is too low

Never before has this happened. Started today. Tried to troubleshoot with live doxy support. Even switched microphones and browsers. No help.
My microphone works fine with zoom today.

I have had same issue for some time. Secondary issue is the people “sounding like robots”. Using safari. Doxy recommended updating the safari browser. Waiting for Apple to offer update.

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thank you for that information…that really helps

I am using a desktop windows pc with an external microphone. Some people say I sound like a robot, some can’t hear me at all and some me hear fine
I can hear them very well

Same issues. Have had our IT look into it. All pretests normal on our end. Seems to be on doxy’s end. Have had to resort to phone calls while doing video. They needs to fix this bug ASAP.

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along with the popping and other sound issues this too popped up as a problem yesterday ugh