My name is incorrect in my invitations

When I send an invitation to my patients, the name on the invitation is Mrs. Lewis. That is not my name. I have already looked at my settings and they are all correct. What is happening?

An example of the invitation my patients receive is attached.

Thank you for posting, @drdavidjarmon. Your screenshot helps as it shows that patients are getting directed to instead of to your personalized link. This screenshot is of the waiting room where patients would check in after clicking on the link. Can you share the steps you are taking to send your invitations so we can look into why patients are ending up at the wrong address?

I just open the website on my computer, copy the link - David jarmon, paste it in an email or text message depending on the patient’s request, then I wait for the patient to enter the waiting room.

I am not copying and pasting usually I just retype the invite.

I just copied and pasted and it has the correct name.


If, when you’re typing the link, you type it the same way as you did in your previous comment, the issue is the spaces in “Dr David jarmon” as the link needs to read “drdavidjarmon”(capitalization shouldn’t matter).