My patient can't hear me/I can't hear my patient

Frequently patient is not able to hear me even after they have activated their mic

Hi Farrukh. I’ve moved your post to our tech support section, because I think it fits better there. Other users are more likely to see it and potentially have some advice.

Is it always with the same patient or patients? Have you tried the steps in our troubleshooting help articles?

Audio issue: I can’t hear my patient
Audio issue: Microphone not working, patient can’t hear me

Today I had a similar issue. Both of us had activated our mics and speakers (I tried choosing every mic and speaker available to me in the little gear button), and my client could hear me but every few minutes I stopped being able to hear my client and had to restart the call, which fixed the problem. Eventually Doxy stopped letting me restart the call though, claiming it “wasn’t working” even though it was, and told me to contact support.

Me too, 1/2 a session we’re talk and all of a souses Ed she can’t here me or I can’t here her.

Or freezing and dropping reconnecting…

Often now I just call them and talk…

If there are more robust platforms, what are they?

Hi There,

Because the audio appears to come and go, this may be somewhat related to network latency. With packet loss from latency the audio and even video will not appear correct, be cut off or even drop. Have you tested your network latency recently? You can do so here (and so can future patients)

Visit this site: Speed Test by Measurement Lab

Make note of these numbers: Download__ Upload__ Latency(ms)__

Minimum: 2 Mbps Down/Up - Ideal 10-25 Mbps Down/Up Optimal: 25+ Mbps Down/Up

Latency is Good under 100ms, Best under 50ms