My video is garbled nonsense


after the last google phone update to android version 12 (pixel 3xl), while i can see myself fine and the client, my video feed to the client is garbled nonsense, like a VHS tape that is screwed up; all different red green mixed colours. none of the different camera available on my phone alleviate this issue.

i see app has been removed from the play store. so i stopped trying to use the app and tried on google chrome browser on my phone but it’s the same.

the pre-test call is successful and all audio and video works, it says. camera & google chrome browser are up to date. all permissions are enabled and i have no other webcam problems anywhere else.


is the same on mozilla firefox

unfortunately if there’s no resolution i’ll have to cancel my subscription and find another platform. haven’t heard from anyone about this, very sad there is zero response. not impressed.

I have the same gargled nonsense video experience with an increasing number of clients now. Audio is good, they can see me perfectly well, but for me it is just like this screwed up VHS tape. I can’t see anything. With most of my clients it is still working but the cases increase and I have to move quickly to alternatives with them. It would be really important to find a solution for this problem quickly!