Needing to restart Chrome after each visit

Has anyone had issues with Chrome working fine for an initial video visit but on subsequent visits the patient is unable to hear the provider unless the provider restarts their session of Chrome? I have a number of providers reporting this issue. If anyone has experienced this, does anyone have a fix? The providers experiencing this issue have gotten used to closing the browser and restarting in-between each appt. I am not sure if this is a Chrome issue, issue or something related to our internal software/hardware. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Yes I have had this issue frequently, although I am working off Safari. I just had one of those sessions where I had to repeated reboot, several times, for a couple session across state lines; eventually gave up and went to a, Zoom, (which I dont like to do given not HIPAA compliant I did get client’s permission (even though it is allowed due to the pandemic). - When I reboot I have only been rebooting by closing the Doxy webpage and re-logging on, sometime that works sometime not. I haven tried resetting it by rebooting the browser. Maybe if I try that way I won’t have to repeat the process multiple times within the same session??? I am getting close to abandon Doxy. These crashes are a bad reflection on my business. Doxy is my second platform. I stopped using My Clients Plus, my billing software, Telehealth extension because of crashes and client’s challenges in figuring on the app and log on process, just to difficult for clients; which is what I really appreciate about Doxy. I do question if these crashes and log on issue are with all platforms. I hope not. periodically I browse around checking out the other options.
Thanks for posting , this does give me something else to try when i happens again.

I just started having this problem every time since, I think about 05/13/20. Annoying to me and client. I’m inviting them, and send the URL but when they reply I hear a bell signaling they’re waiting but my open Doxy.Me doesn’t show them till I close it and restart it. And I’t’s since been a repeated problem that leave clients waiting and stresses them. Please fix this STAT

I just Chrome on my work laptop and have never had this problem, so I am not sure it is a Doxy issue. Due to where I live (no cable or fibre optic) I have had internet issues causing me to use my iPad and Safari through my cellular connection at times. It has worked well also.

I am wondering if perhaps there is an update, or a setting or perhaps a virus/firewall issue? Good luck!

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