New challenges in pediatrics

Hi! I am a pediatrician in private practice with a pediatric nurse practitioner. We will be offering e-visits hopefully starting next week out of necessity. Many parents are choosing to use commercial telemedicine sites rather than come in to the office because of COVID-19. We would like to roll this out quickly but feel it has the potential to be a service that we may continue to utilize even after the emergency has passed. Any advice from providers who have been doing e-visits?

My name is michael ulich and owner of Minden Pediatrics in Minden, LA - top of the boot of Louisiana; We just signed up for this: I have 1 doctor and 1 NP in my busy 60% medicaid practice: I have been very disturbed about the insurance using e-vists ; at least when we will see them we will have there chart: I think it is the wave of the future for schools, but I think also it can be really bad medicine in over use of antibiotics When I see FPs use antibiotics for every child

good luck

Hi there, I’m doing the same, setting this up to allow evaluation of patients who believe they may have Covid19. How much are you charging for this, are you submitting to insurance? Thanks!