New feature request: File Transfer pause before send, and immediate recall capability

I’d like to request an opt-in feature for file transfers. I’ve occasionally sent the wrong document to a recipient using this function. It works too well!

It would help to have a pause function, where it asks “is this the document you mean to send?” (there is no need to confirm the recipient, as transfer is taking place during a live session, and you are choosing to send it to the person with whom you are speaking). It just needs to confirm the document.

Another solution: the ability to immediately recall the document, if you figure out quickly that you pressed the wrong button.

Hi @drrizzi25 thank you for posting on the discussion board. There is one way you can sort of achieve this now.

After you’ve selected the document to send, it will show you the name of the file, and have a little ‘x’ in the top right of the popup screen. If you click that ‘x’ before the patient hits download, it will prevent them from downloading the file.

Here’s a screenshot:

“Privacy.jpeg” is the filename in this example.