New User Title defaults to Dr

When I create users in my clinic, their Title always defaults to Dr, regardless of what I picked during the creation. A fix would be appreciated. Thanks!

Can you send some screenshots so we can see what is going on? I just did a test invite and used the title ‘Mrs’ and it did not switch to Dr. Thank you!

Hi @courtneyl

Here’s an example of an account I just created this morning. Note that it’s not an invitation, but an account creation. That was on Windows 10/Firefox, all up to date with patches, etc. as of 2020-04-15.

Thanks in advance!

When I create the account (Title=Other):

The result (Title=Dr):

Hi @courtneyl! I never heard back on this, so I thought I’d bump this post. Could you please let me know if/when this will get fixed?