News on some recent updates from the development team (April 17, 2020)

Hi everyone! This is the first in what will be a regular schedule of posts updating our users on changes in the platform. We are constantly trying to improve, and user feedback is an important part of that; in these posts we will describe new features or improvements that address concerns you have raised to us.

Here are some of the updates we have made in the past couple of weeks:

  • We have had many users request the ability to have their country code saved as default when sending text message invitations from the dashboard. Now they can! Once an invite has been sent, the tool will remember the country code, and the user will be able to simply enter the phone number and hit send.

  • Some users have said they have issues with patients not showing up in their patient queue, or not leaving it after the call is over. We did a little tinkering, and this should be less a problem for those users going forward. Remember also that this problem can often be solved by a simple refresh of your browser, though!

  • We have added translations of more text found in the waiting room in Hebrew, German, Polish and Romanian; more are to come in the weeks ahead!

There are also a few clinic-specific updates we have made:

  • One of our most-requested updates: The drop-down list of providers on the landing page will now be sorted in alphabetical order!

  • Clinic owners and admins now have the ability to set passcodes and a custom Terms of Service for their clinic’s shared waiting rooms.

  • Another widely requested one: We’ve made it easier to find individual users in the Manage Users tab. Users are now sorted alphabetically, and owners and admins have the ability to search users by name, email address or room name:

Be sure to check back for regular updates, and keep the feedback coming! Head to the feature requests forum to let us know what you’d like to see us introduce next: Feature Requests - User Community


Thank you for the update. As a famiy therapist can I invite familiy members throu separate windows . Some do not live together

One of the biggest obstacles to a successful televideo encounter is that patient’s devices do not have their microphone and camera turned on. Walking patients through the configuration process is very difficult and time-consuming. needs to do a better job of automatically turning on the camera and microphone, possible with a consent and single tap of a button. Thanks.


Are you asking about group calls? You can invite up to nine other people in a call, in addition to yourself. You invite all the participants to your waiting room, start a call with one of them, then add others by hitting “start call” and then “add to current call” from the patient queue. Then hit confirm. This help article has a bit more info, including a video and picture that will help you find the right buttons:

Hi Mitchell, and thank you for your feedback. There are limitations here to what we can do, we cannot manage your patients’ browser settings for them. I’ll pass your suggestion on, though, and maybe our developers can do something about it.

In the meantime, before the call you could ask your patients to find the info on their Web browser in our help section here. They’ll then get step-by-step instructions on how to do this.

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Thank you so much!

Adam Becker
I understand making group calls is only for the upgrade feature . Correct?


Hi again Magdalini. Sorry, I forgot to mention that part. Yes, it is a feature of the professional and clinic versions. There are lots of other great perks too, such as:

  • Access to HD video feeds

  • The ability to send invitations to your waiting room via text message or email from

  • The edit waiting room page, to customize what your clients see when they visit you.

  • The ability to collect payments before or during a call.

Consider upgrading to have these great tools and more at your disposal!

ΟΚ, Αdam
thank you for the clarification.

I will consider your suggestion

Magdalini Agrafioti

This is just for a call though right? I’ve tried a group video with anywhere from 3-9 folks and it has never worked well, it would be great if we could host our therapy groups through video. thanks.


Thank you for your reply. There is a patient screen during the connection process that asks “Enable Camera” - Could this be expanded to “Enable microphone and camera”?


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Actually this works great for video! We’ve done a couple of group supervision sessions using the video call feature with a total of 5 people in the “room.” I haven’t tried it on audio-only settings.

Thanks for the reply Drstephanies. Any tips/tricks you can share? we’ve tried with internal folks as well as with actual patients and either the sound stutters or the video or both almost every time. We’re all pretty technologically savvy so I don’t think it’s user error but perhaps we’re just not seeing something that is giving you success. Thanks again

Adam, hi
I have upgraded to professional doxy. com.
I have invited 2 members of the same family for a group call. The session will take place in about 3 hrs. I have invited them via . I do not have a chance to mention time of session in there. All i can send is your default message. , Besides I do not see the names of my clients in the waiting room.
any suggestions?


Hello @agrafiotimagdalini

It sounds like you are familiar with using other platforms. has a lovely organic encryption where no client information is saved in their system. That’s why you don’t see them listed as “client/patients/service users” anywhere. You would need to tell them the time of their session outside of to optimize the use of the security model currently has in place, which we, at The Online Psychology Clinic greatly appreciate.

Don’t worry. When you log in, and the client follows your link, you will see them in the patient cue and you may start the call.

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Requesting that new updates get new posts rather than tacking on at the end (which will become the middle) of this post :innocent:


I do not have HD on my Pro version. Also the program does not work well with more than 2 participants. I’ve actually had to use Zoom for more than 2 tho i prefer doxy. I’ve gone back and forth with support emails about this as well as being unable to rotate my screen on both my cell and tablet so cant use either device. Put message on her too. No response! Thx

Hi Ian, and thanks for the suggestion. That has been the plan all along! See the latest updates here:

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Hi Wendy. You can only switch to HD during a call, have you tried that? It’s not possible to set it as a default, because we think it’s best for users to start with SD and make sure their Internet connection (and that of other participants in the call) is good enough to support it. So start with HD, and if the video quality is good, switch to HD then.

I see you’ve exchanged quite a few messages with my colleagues in tech support, I don’t think I can give you better advice here in the forum than they are doing there. If one or more of the other participants on a call have a poor connection, it’s going to effect the call quality for everybody.

Have you tried a group call? This works for up to 4 people pretty well, after that quality seems to falter even though says is should work for up to 10.

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