Nightmare issues in the quality of the service

Hi. I don’t vent very often, and it’s very rare that I vent in a forum.

I am now actively looking at alternatives to and I didn’t want to–I don’t want to. I started with Doxy a few weeks ago, with the free plan, then started paying month-to-month.

I have a new router as of the end of February 2020, and 250-300 mbps download speed, and a built for me computer. I started on Doxy, like many, due to COVID-19.

I really like the waiting room idea. I have a link to a video that many clients have told me that they’ve actually used/listened to while in the waiting room.

I like that the BAA was super easy to find/get done.

I like that my name is on is easy for my clients to find.

This said, the audio latency, the audio freezing while my client’s lips are moving, the freezing of the screen, the poor quality of the video, consistently, has led me to actively look for other online locations.

It’s just not tolerable anymore to be at a really important place in a conversation and then FREEZE, or lose my audio.

I’ve had one couple that each were at a different location in signing on. That call was such a failure that I had to use another medium, another app.

It was when I was on a Facebook thread that I saw someone say that their experiences with Doxy have “been a nightmare” that I realized it wasn’t just me having these issues. I couldn’t have been.

I really see such possibilities with this Doxy. Whether it’s a company or an app of a company, I don’t know. What I know is that I’ve been having nightmare experiences, when the bottom line is that my clients need to see and hear me, and I need to hear and see them. The consistency in the poor and inconsistent quality is simply no longer okay for me to not say something public about it.

Doxy apparently doesn’t have the software engineers to upgrade their systems to the influx of new members, and well, I have no control over that. Doxy, if you’re listening, I hope your hearing me…because if we were on an actual call? You’d probably drop the call.


Hi Jim, I just signed up for professional as well. It started so great! Then yesterday afternoon I had 2 calls in a row that had terrible sound and freezing video. It says a bonus of paying 35. a month is getting support. I don’t know about you but I can find no support. When you click on help on your dashboard you get prepopulated answers that do not apply. I also don’t want to cancel but Skype and FaceTime are not HIPAA compliant. Have you gotten any support? My pre tests show audio and video excellent, but they aren’t !


Well said. I was using Zoom and switched to Doxy because of the security issues at Zoom. I went ahead and paid for a full year to get the Professional discount but I’ve had the same problems you’ve described and more in just 24 hours of use. I’ve also struggled with support: sending one question (the same question) three times but receiving replies from three different techs who don’t seem to actually read the content of my question. When I finally objected that they weren’t reading what I wrote, someone finally responded that my questions (is there a split screen function to see both members of a couple who are on separate computers during a three-way call?) was not a feature doxy provides right now (although Zoom and FaceTime do have that feature). Good luck to you.

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I am beginning to think I made the same mistake. I have been trying to set up and test the account for our physicians. So far, I can’t invite anyone into a session, the recipient gets the notice but then gets the message that ‘the provider isn’t on line’. I was able to actually have a live chat with a Zoom representative and got real time answers. I know they are in the news, but belong to a security group that has a how to white paper to ensure secure sessions. Might have to switch back to plan A.

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I had the same issues today. Three client calls with no audio. Had to call my client by phone for audio while doing video through Doxy. Two others were complete failures. Had to use Zoom instead. Some days are fine. Some days are terrible.


I am having similar problems with the video freezing in the middle of a session. Many of my colleagues have not had the same issue and when I used the trouble shooting guide it detected that my internet connection is not stable. I bought a router extender but I am still having the same issue. Does anyone have a suggestion regarding fixing an internet issue? I don’t seem to have a problem when I am online with my school district job using google meet, zoom, etc.

From a practical point of view, you could attempt using your cell phone’s connection. If you have a strong signal, you could consider using your phone, or you could use your phone as a hotspot, and connect another device to the internet through it.
If you are using Standard Def quality, you could try Low Def, perhaps that could help.
And, I certainly recommend testing your connection to see if your connection is really the issue. Get 2 devices, connect both to your wifi/network, and do a session between them. Either connect in separate rooms, or mute the mics to prevent feedback. Aim the cameras at a TV or monitor as it plays a video so you can track the quality. And let it run for an hour.
If the test fails, you know its your internet. And then you can decide whether you want to increase your speed, change vendor, or change platform. If the test passes, then you know your internet is adequate (at least in the evenings). Searching for the problem isn’t always easy, but its better than throwing a bunch of money at it initially.
Good luck


Once you connect to your patient it then becomes a peer-to-peer connection. The amount of providers and patients having calls at the same time will not effect your call.

The quality of your call will only be as great as your’s and your patient’s WiFi/Data connection. Many that are now working from home are finding that their internet speeds are not adequate, and with everyone using data it is starting to clog the carrier bandwidth!

We have heard providers say they have had success with calling their ISP and letting them know they are doing telemedicine/healthcare on and to not slow down their connection at all.

It’s also important to figure out why you are having bad quality calls. Is this happening on all calls—>It’s an issue on your end. Is this happening with just 1-2 patients—>It’s probably on the patients end.

If all calls are choppy then let’s try a few things! First try a different device. Using an older device can effect the quality. My co-worker kept having choppy video with a mac that was only a few years old. She got a brand new chromebook and wasn’t having any issues after that! Just the device was switched out, same network.

If you’ve tried a newer device and still having trouble then it’s most likely a network issue. Can you jump on your cell phone network (Verizon/Sprint) and see if the connection is any better?

If you have tried these two things and still having trouble then let’s get you in touch with our tech support team! They are great at helping you have the best calls possible!


I am having issues as well. I have emailed doxy and they have forwarded my problem to a higher tier. I have checked my audio and video and internet and all are strong. Doxy claims that having more people on the network doesn’t adversely affect it. But i am having intermittent freezing, microphone turns off to patient, camera turns off and i have to log on and off between patients a lot. The paid version doesn’t seem to make a difference and i was told to reduce the video quality to low resolution. This helps sometimes but not always. Will see what the higher level tier tells me

Same issues with my service. And absolutely no customer service besides some articles. It’s completely useless esp if you are trying to have a group.


It’s a nightmare for me as well. Completely useless

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Have you found any other platform other than Zoom? I asked colleagues what they used and I got doxy. If anyone has good experience with another Telehealth platform let us know!!


Same problem I had with two clients today. My first client is an adult on the autism spectrum who became so exasperated with trying to check his webcam, he began yelling & screaming, eventually hanging up on me!

I have been working in telehealth for over 5 years now and landed on as the most reliable, professional, safe and accessible on the market. That said, there are frustrating realities in telehealth which include less-than-ideal connectivity and the object of projection being device and platform.

I am heartbroken to hear that your client so longed to see you their anger was fueled by technological interruption. At The Online Psychology Clinic - TOP Clinic we have been researching effective ways to manage these kinds of technological barriers and maintain stable and supportive therapeutic relationships. I would be happy to meet with you to discuss building a policy for your practice in working online so that you may feel safe and in control of your clinic’s online environment. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if this sounds like it may be helpful.

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Courtney - thank you for your reply - is there anything that needs to be tweaked on the practice side from our own network to improve the “Peer-to-peer” connectivity. (i.e. are there any ports that need to be opened, etc??)

One thing not mentioned here is WiFi connection… I suspect a lot of people have been having issues due to poor WiFi connectivity. Things that can cause this include: too many devices or too much traffic, weak connections, interference from neighboring WiFi networks, etc. All can have negative effect on everyone on your WiFi network.

For example, even in a small office, if the WiFi signal has to go through 2+ walls to get to your computer, the overall performance can start to decrease significantly. Router location is important, and solutions such as mesh network can help.

Where you have the option of a wired connection, you can also try that. It should be more reliable/stable and will free up some resources on the WiFi network.

Troubleshooting some of this will require a certain level of comfort with technology, but I hope this can help.

Used for a week and it was great and suddenly 4/15 and no one can hear me, clients are freezing, and this is unexpected just in time for sessions.
I will return to zoom since we have been given permission in our state to use it Perhaps more people signed on as we are all looking for platforms to use for our clients?

Saw improvement. Bad week until today when the reception was very good. Difference is that I logged out of Doxy between sessions. That seemed to have helped… Today I’m OK. Hope it continues.

I am up early Saturday morning searching for other platforms (Friday I was home schooling). Thursday 4/16 was truly awful. 9 out of 10 sessions had to be converted to another platform. The only support I saw was a team member saying the problem was fixed, when it most surely wasn’t. This platform worked well for several weeks with only a few problems with pixelated sessions and then on Thursday there was constant freezing, most often with in seconds of establishing the link (13 seconds was my most frequent length of call).

I need to hear from Doxy that they have identified and fixed real issues.

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I have been using Clocktree for 5 years- only tried Doxy because it was less expensive for the Pro version- totally not worth the headaches- had the $35 fee removed w/out issue by Amex and I’m back on Clocktree. It’s a great HIPAA compliant video platform. If you try it, tell Kimberly (Co-Founder & Tech Support) I sent you- she is there, on the spot, to answer my emails, often within minutes and always same day. I now use Doxy as a secondary platform, the FREE version (which oddly works better than the paid version- go figure)!