No Free Pre-Sales Communication possible

I posted a message earlier, but apparently if it is too negative, it gets deleted.

There is no phone number for pre-sales questions, and apparently if I don’t pay, there is no pre-sales chat possible either.

How do you people even stay in business ?

Hi @mrlinhart

We’re sorry you have been disappointed by your interactions with so far. I moved your earlier post, which was, as you say, entirely negative, into a private area which we use internally to reflect and improve on our service.

If you have any specific questions we can answer then we’d be happy to discuss them. As you might appreciate, during this unprecedented international pandemic we are experiencing a sharp rise in workload, during which we are working hard to provide everyone the best service we can.


Can you please contact me via email or phone (951) 640-6451? I am representing 3,000+ physicians in Riverside County, CA. We have a COVID-19 hotzone and we are recommending all physician practices transition to telehealth ASAP today. We would like to promote your product to all of our physicians and would like to know if you can provide a special sign up or discount code for me to promote your services for free.


Richard Oberle
Riverside County Medical Association

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Thanks @rcma I’ll ensure this is notified right away to our team

For the benefit of any future users coming to this thread, you can email for further information on @Schuyler