No longer any "free doxy?"

Anyone experience trying to send an invite to a client and doxy now forces you to upgrade to at least $35.00/month?

Thank you for posting, @lisaangellmft. Different types of invites, such as a text invite, are only available on paid subscriptions, but this is not a change to behavior. With which type of invite are you running into an issue?

I tried to send an invite to a client just about an hour ago like I have been doing for well over 2 years and it would not let me. It would only let me choose to upgrade. So, I no longer can have the free doxy?

I forgot to add that I have always emailed my clients invites in doxy

I do not wish to hijack this question though I have a related request. Whenever I have an online service, I can go to my account and see several things including a list of the various tiers of service with the specific benefits so I can see what I entitled to at each tier and I can downgrade or upgrade my service as I wish. While Doxy.Me might offer this visual, I cannot see the option when I go to my account so please show me how I can see this (or in the event it is not a part of the display, please have your website team add this feature to the account settings - plus, even free account holders should have access to an account so they can see the same information).

Cheers, MC

Hi Lisa, I looked at some of the logs and from what I can see is you were using our “invite via calendar” option using Gmail. This is still available on our Free version of

Give it a try and let me know if that works. If you do run into more specific issue please reach out to use at so we can give more targeted feedback.

Hi @mclcpc, to see the various tiers of service try going Free HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine Plans & Pricing or

Let me know if that helps

Yes, definitely helpful… I also noted that when signed into my Doxy.Me room I see a wallet icon with upgrade. So, it’s there… just not where I am used to finding it based on most other sites where it is under account information > sub-tab. Thanks, MDC