No notification from waiting room check in

Anyone else having this problem? Notifications work randomly. Please fix!


Yes! For more than one week. I thought I was the only one. I used to get a “ting” earlier, but no longer. Hope that the team is aware and resolving the issue

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I have had that issue twice in last 2 weeks. I closed and reopened browser; did not help. The patient confirmed that they gave access to microphone and camera. I could not see them in waiting room even though they said they were in it.

Yes, several times my client has been waiting and I have been as well. Now I have to sign out and sign back in and sometimes they are there. I have never heard a sound when someone enters?

After one appointment, the next person is waiting and it shows up in my waiting room, often I cannot connect, I have to sign out and sign back in. Most of the time if I do go from one to the other, they can hear me, but there is no sound on my end.

It seems the connection is very poor most days. Certainly there is no consistency or ways to predict.
Any hope for fixes soon?

Yes, notifications over the past few weeks have been random. Sometimes I am waiting for the client and hear a notification and the notification sound happens and the client is in the virtual waiting room. My request to Doxy is that is how the software works consistently. Many times, the client is left hanging and I have no indication either visually or audibly that the client has registered for their appt. Refreshing the website usually works, so now I do it within one minute of appt start time just to make sure, and then every minute thereafter. Very inefficient.

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Hi everyone, thanks for your comments. It seems like there are two different things being described here.

To those of you who are not getting waiting room notifications consistently: Which types of notifications are you using?

To those of you saying patients are not appearing in your queue: Here is a help article with some steps to try and solve the problem.

Yes - for the past 2 weeks!

sometimes I can see someone is in waiting room, but I never got an audible notification. That is the issue.

Do you have notifications enabled in your account settings, under the notifications tab?

yes. this only happens occasionally.

My patients say I am offline even though I see myself on the camera. The problem only started when I switched from Firefox to Chrome since thatFirefox no longer working. I was told to sign in again but how do I get this to not happen between each new patent checking in?