NO SOUND! Clients not hearing me today 3/18/21

Have had same problem with client not hearing me today even though mic is on. I can hear them fine. Tried on 2nd device and encountered same problem. Is this an issue for anyone else? Had worked fine every day up until today. Required switch to FaceTime for every session this morning.

Richard K

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I have issues at times, today is one, that my client can hear me but i cannot hear them.

Couldn’t even connect this afternoon. Switched to Zoom.

Problem was resolved as soon as I refreshed the browser. However, it was not clear why this was necessary since there had
not been any recent updates or changes with Safari. Usually the problem is something else. Only learned this from checking
the HELP articles.

We have same issue every week. I do not know why can not fix the issue. Video is fine but sound is very bad…

I have the same problem constantly from the very beginning most of the time they can hear me sometimes I can’t hear them sometimes they just go away dropped the quality of the sound and the video is terrible Zoom. is so much better but it’s not Hyppa compliant so I’m stuck with

I had the same problem with sound on March 18, 2021- clients could not hear me and said my mic was on Mute when my profile clearly showed it was not. What needs to be done to fix this problem?? PAULA

This happens regularly with me. Sometimes trying three times to log back in works to resolve the sound issues. But more often than not I have to switch to FaceTime or zoom. Been pretty disappointed with this platform.

Same, no sound last week.

I have not been able to hear any of my patients since the end of last week. Very frustrating! I’ve been calling them on their phones to use audio that way - but of course this only works if they are on their computer and have a second device available.

Had the same problem multiple times. Very frustrating.

Sally White: is there a HIPPA compliant with a BAA in Zoom?

Richard K, is there a HIPPA compliant with a BAA FaceTime? Thanks.

Facetime is not HIPPA compliant though it is allowed during the healthcare emergency. As far as I know, Zoom is not HIPPA compliant unless you purchase the business edition which is around $200/month.

I have had sound issues all week. Sometimes, I cannot hear the client and sometimes, they cannot hear me. Also, this afternoon, I had difficulty checking someone in. I could see him in the waiting room, but could not let him in. I had to close out and sign in again. It wasted time from our session. Very unprofessional.

you can sign sheet with zoim ti be hippa compliant

I have this problem every time my patients wait more than 10 mi utes in the room, I hang up and when they re-enter the room is fine.