No speaker phone

The past couple weeks patient’s phones have been connecting with their incoming sound set to come through their handset rather than speaker-phone. There is no way I know to get the sound to switch to speaker phone. They can put in earbuds, and this fixes the problem of them being able to hear me. Can Doxy fix this problem?

Hi Wayne. Is this with the same patient, or have you experienced it with multiple people? And do you know what kind of device they were using? It seems likely to be a setting on their device, but I’d be happy to look more into it if you know which kind of phone they use.

Also, do you know if the speaker phone works otherwise?

@waynesilver I thought about it again, and you might be describing a known problem with iPhones and iPads, could it be that?

The problem stems from a recent update Apple made to their Web browser, Safari. We can’t fix it, it will require a new update from Apple, but they’re aware of the problem and is not the only service being impacted by this, so hopefully it will not take long. You can see more on our status page: Inc. Status - Safari 15: Low Audio During Calls

The best workaround in the meantime is using headphones.

Happening today with a pt on an Android/Samsung. Headphones fixed it.

I have found that if you direct patients to the call setting button on the bottom the screen you can walk them through the process of selecting the output - speaker or headset. Works most of the time. Just a suggestions.

I’m still having trouble with low volume in calls. Doesn’t matter if its IOS or Android. I have to disconnect and reconnect, then sometimes it works, sometimes not. This is becoming a intolerable issue for continuing to use this platform.

This volume problem is becoming pervasive with my patients. I am not hearing about any fixes from Doxy. I’m ready to jump ship!

no idea what this means