Non-critical issues


Known issues and that are non-critical to the operation of

Though camera is toggled off in dashboard on practitioner side, camera automatically turns on when in dashboard when browser is not in full screen.

Doxy operates in Dollars, and can only make adjustments to money symbol on patient side if your clinic is located internationally.

Branding for clinic is absolutely beautiful, however doxy specific links are the doxy blue, which, unfortunately, is well off our brand. Would prefer grey.

Technical support is only easily accessible from practitioner side when in doxy clinic.

The option to screenshare is only available when the browser is in full screen (when you cannot see your desktop). This causes sharing a specific window to be quite complicated moving back and forth to getting the screenshare set up while in a call. It would be great if this was simplified by the windows automatically splitting the screen (face on one side, shared screen on the other- as in Vsee). Also, it would be great if features did not disappear from accessibility when the browser is not in full screen mode.

Some apps are not screen-share-able (some jpeg applications).

These are small, non-critical issues that our clinic has reported. It is very important to note the huge success which is 's ethical model and functionality.


Hi Dr. Lauren, thanks again for posting on the discussion board! This is good feedback.

A couple of these we do have planned to fix in the next couple weeks. Specifically:

  • we will allow for screenshare and other features even when the screen is small
  • we use to have the support for patients inside the dashboard, but we found patients would get confused and think they are chatting with the provider instead of support. That’s why we recommend them going straight to to get support.

Could you send a screenshot of the links that aren’t branded? And we can get that switched if possible.

I’m not aware of these apps that aren’t screen shareable, but you should be able to “share your whole screen” and the other person should be able to see anything you are currently looking at.

Could you elaborate on how you use as far as the “camera off in dashboard” is concerned? Do you usually have open for longer periods of time and you don’t like how the computer has that camera light on?


Hi Dylan,
Thank you for following up.
Courtney was very helpful with the branding- beautifully done- however anywhere the blue is within the clinic (patient or practitioner side), I would appreciate in grey, perhaps, to allow our look to be felt uninterrupted. Courtney agreed to follow up with developers and it sounds like removing these blue logos and buttons are not possible.
I have been communicating with Schuyler regarding the other non-critical issues. He is great.
As a practitioner, often, I cannot provide my clients with technical support, therefore it is not a good use of my time or theirs. I am just not skilled in it. Your support staff is extremely killed and helpful. I understand your issue of individuals experiencing psychological distress seeing the “help” button. However, the solution does not seem to be making technical support harder to reach, perhaps the solution is clear distinction? I am not sure. I proposed with Schuyler that perhaps I can bring tech support into a chat with myself and the client? Sometimes, individuals just need to be hand held through the onboarding process. If an individual is experiencing distress and is brave enough to seek care and are already frustrated and having trouble connecting technically, looking for support staff can be the edge that contributes to abandoning self advocacy and our clinic’s loss of a client.
I have to admit, this happened more when we used Vsee. Right now is far more intuitive and simple. However, for me it is good to know the client can easily get appropriate technical support when needed.

It is a big deal to have another country’s money symbol within our clinic platform. It can create confusion. Who am I meeting with? Where are they? Who is going to be charged what? Fortunately, this has been adjusted patient side but remains outstanding practitioner side.

Schuyler encouraged me to open jpegs as a pdf so that they are screen shareable. I have requested a list of programs that are screen shareable so that I can plan accordingly instead of engaging in testing myself.
It is not ideal to share a whole screen with a patient, and the amount of clicks it takes to share a window, split the screen, unshare the window and go back to full screen with the video is quite time consuming. Perhaps you could have a look at the Vsee model for this as it is more ideal. It would be great to be able to give the client remote control in screenshare.

Schuyler has reported the camera bug to developers that the camera appears even when toggled off for desktop if the browser window is small and switches to mobile device mode. I do use for long periods of time and do not want the camera on between sessions.

All this said, I need to emphasize how very functional is and how very satisfied our clinic and our clients are with it. These non-critical issues are about keeping in the frontrunner position you are in.

We are greatly looking forward to being able to make multi-party calls and whiteboard on patient and client side. You are headed in such a well placed and exciting direction.


Okay got it. Thank you for the feedback and clear explanation - it really helps us understand the issues better. I like the idea of the provider can “hand off” a client to support in an easy way. Will talk to the team and see if we can get these in the development roadmap.