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Seems like over 50 % of the calls have audio issues and I end up doing a Facetime or a phone visit. Not sure what Im paying for with, but the platform is not acceptable. I will end our agreement with Doxy in January 2021.

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That’s been my experience as well. I gave up on doxy months ago due to constant issues with connectivity and audio/video quality. Doxy is great when it works, but it so often doesn’t, especially when the client’s internet is being used by multiple devices. This has not been much of an issue using other services I’ve tried. I came back hoping that there had been an improvement since I switched, but that hasn’t happened.

Julie. What TM platform are you most happy with? Thanks for your time and suggestions? Jeff

Jeff Unger MD FACE
Director Unger Primary Care Concierge Medical Group
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Hi Jeff!

Thank you for writing in. I am very disappointed to hear you are not enjoying Have you scheduled a time to meet with a support representative to troubleshoot your issues? If you are experiencing issues with over half of your calls, have you checked your internet speed? You can always contact our support team to schedule a time to meet and go over your results.

We are committed to your success and want you to have the best experience with us.

Paige Treadway