Not working well on iPhones

I have had issues with not being able to see or hear clients for a few minutes after the start of a session when clients use Doxy on phones. They can see and hear me, but all I get is a blank screen after the circle stops spinning. If clients use computers, there seems to be no issue.

Is this something that will be addressed?

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Ive been have same issue…

The same thing happens on my windows computer

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My patients with iPhones continue to have issues with the permissions for the camera and mic since our practice starting using in April. As another provider mentioned, there is no problem with the tablet.

Same issue. Client was using a laptop PC and I was on an iPad Pro.

Same issue here with iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Usually is worst between iPhone vs iPhone (Provider using iPhone and patient using iPhone). This needs to be fixed ASAP.

we don’t use iDevices to establish calls with patients, we almost exclusively use Windows-based devices, and the problem is always with iphone users and their ability to connect and use their camera and mic properly. usually even when the pt goes into their phone settings and enables access it still denies it (even after force closing the browser). we have not found a bullet-proof solution. however, i will say that just today we had a pt who was having the camera and mic issue and decided to reschedule the visit but then soon after decided they could make it work. so the second time around (maybe 10 minutes) we connected the call and it worked. wondering if there is a session timeout period or if you have to wait x seconds/minutes after changing the settings for it to work?

Good question. Also, there used to be a Doxy app for iPhone that used to work well, but it has been discontinued. Unfortunately, I have had to switch clients who are using iPhones to another way to have live sessions because of this issue. If there are any Doxy moderators reading this, this is not really acceptable to those of us who are paying for your service. Will this issue be addressed?

Anyone using a non supported browser or did not turn on the “Do not disturb” settings in their mobile/tablet devices would cause the camera/audio to not stream through if interrupted by an incoming call, text message, or notification. If this happens they will then need to reboot their device before rejoining the call to reset the camera/audio to work again. Also if the provider or the clients Network speed were below 10 Mbps this too can cause the camera/audio to drop. Check everyone’s Network and speed here: Speed Test by Measurement Lab also mobile/tablet devices sometime try to use hotspot/cellular data to connect and it might not be strong enough as they need to have reliable Wi-Fi. Therefore checking what their Network speeds are will help clarify the issue. does not use an app, be sure to type in in a supported browser such as Chrome 89, Firefox 82+, Edge, or Safari 11+ (most recent update works best).

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Alicia, this is not about a session being interrupted by a text or call. This is about my clients being able to see and hear me perfectly, but on my end (computer), I cannot see or hear them. My screen is grey after the “connection wheel” stops spinning in the middle of the screen. This happens with SPECIFIC clients, those who use their iPhones to try and connect.

Once again, Doxy is putting this back on us. Is there something being done, or at least investigated, as to WHY this is happening? There are no issues when I use Google Chat. Zoom, Facetime, etc. This is a Doxy issue and needs to be addressed.

Has this been solved? All of my iphone user clients have not been able to be seen on Doxy. Usually they are able to turn their mics on but camera continues to be disabled and not working. I’ve had to use another platform.