Notice of client in waiting room

notice fromDoxy that a client was in the waiting room; however, no client appeared and no client was scheduled seems like the message was sent in error.

I have a client in the waiting room, who is getting a message I am offline (he called). I AM logged in.

I have had this happen multiple times. No client in the waiting room. Refresh browser a few times and client still doesn’t appear. Very problematic.

When a browser tab has been left idle for longer than five minutes a refresh tells the browser to go back and update the new information that someone has checked into your waiting room. This mostly happens when simultaneously working in other tabs or waiting for the appointment. Be sure to turn on “Alert Notifications” in Account Settings. This will notify you when to refresh the browser if the client does not appear online after they check in. Hope that helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Alicia,

What happens when you have refreshed the system and your client is still not showing up for you to connect with them. I had a client in the virtual waiting room for 18 minutes and she was not showing up. I logged off, log in, etc… several times before I was able to connect with her after 18 minutes.