Notification alert throughout appointment

I am getting the notification sound on my browser that someone is in the waiting room, throughout the entire appointment. No one is in the waiting room, or chatting thru the chatbox, yet every two minutes or so, the audio alert is occurring. I checked and the patient could not hear it, so it was definitely occurring on my end. Anyone else having this issue?


Thank you for posting, @drsavage. This is a known issue that has a fix in progress. As a workaround, turning notifications off in Room Settings, saving the updated settings, then turning notifications back on, and saving the updated settings seems to resolve the issue for most Providers that experience it.

thank you! i will try that!

Does this have to do with a weak connection going in and out? Sometimes I see a person in the waiting room come in and out (their names will appear and disappear) due to a weak connection, and this will cause the notification sound to activate.

I just wish they would fix the notification sounds so it would sound reliably instead of it being 50-50 if it will sound when I client signs on. I reset it regularly on my desktop and it works for a few days. Any answers for this issue?

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Yes. This has been happening to all of my staff all day long. I also get a notification that someone is in the room on my phone but go into Doxy and that person is not there. I also see that my therapists room that is in session drops and comes back and we get the notification sound.

Yes, I am hearing that sometimes but not in every session. Was wondering what that was and if it was on the client’s end.

This issue should have been fixed with an update we made on Tuesday, October 11. Please reach out to if you experience this again.