Notification of non-working phone number

I recently was sending an SMS with the patients’ incorrect number and when I telephoned the number it turned out to be a non-working number. It would be nice if there was some indication in DOXY of success that the text went through or not.

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@berger it’s a good point. I’ll let the team know about this idea.

@seedrz something worth improving here.

Definitely. I look into this. Thank you for the feedback @berger.

I also think that some form of a list of numbers you have sent text messages too would be helpful. If they do t respond you can check to see if the correct number was entered, or use the entered number to call (I have often moved away from the page with the phone number in my EMR when I realize that I should be trying a phone call vs the txt)

Thank you for the suggestion, however, because does not store patient information, we would not be able to display the phone numbers you have entered previously.