Out of Network Telehealth Reimbursement

I’m a psychiatrist, DoxyMe user, and founder of Reimbursify–a patient-driven app to let anyone file their own OON reimbursement claims for just a few bucks. We just added telehealth claim-filing capabilities. See: Reimbursify Telehealth Update

Any practitioner who sees OON patients can register for free info to get their patients onto our platform (practitioners don’t have to do any extra work beyond providing a superbill): Reimbursify Practice Sign-Up
Feel free to post questions in this thread.

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@VatsalThakkarMD great idea! I’m bookmarking to come back and kick the tires on your app :clap:

@VatsalThakkarMD: Love your CEO’s tenacity with this work-around from the past: “…After his insurance company repeatedly denied receiving a claim form he had sent numerous times, Bill programmed his fax machine to send them 100 copies of it, one after the other. They never “lost” one of his claims again!” :+1:

This sounds like a great idea, as I am OON for all my patients. following.

Susan Lunson, DDS